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[ 9.24.2015 - 2:26PM ]  
Girl’s Picture Day is rescheduled for Oct. 10th

The DSL seldom cancels games, especially for the whole day
. More often, games cancelled for one time period does not reflect whether games are played the next. Delay or cancellation decisions will be made at the fields. If there is sufficient time to do so, we will post bulletins at once. Otherwise, please show up!

[ 9.24.2015 - 2:23PM ]  
Laws of the Game-up close – Law 12: Fouls & Misconduct

Direct free kicks are awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following seven offenses in a manner considered to be CARELESS, RECKLESS or USING EXCESSIVE FORCE:

  1. Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent.
  2. Trips or attempts to trip an opponent by use of legs or stooping in front or behind.
  3. Jumps at an opponent.
  4. Charges an opponent.
  5. Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent.
  6. Pushes an opponent.
  7. Tackles an opponent to get the ball before touching the ball.

Direct free kick is also awarded for the following three offenses:

  1. Holds an opponent.
  2. Spits at an opponent.
  3. Handles the ball deliberately with either hand or arm (except goalkeeper).

Wide latitude is given the referee in interpreting handling the ball. Did the player play the ball — or did the ball play the player? Did the player use his shoulder defensively or offensively?  Is the call frivolous?

If a whistle is heard as the result of spectator action or of activity on a nearby field and if a player, thinking that play had been stopped by the referee, then illegally handles the ball, the referee should treat this as outside interference and restart with a dropped ball. However, watch for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Players are allowed the freedom to protect various parts of their bodies (i.e. boys with crossed hands over their pelvic region and girls with crossed arms over their chests) are not automatic fouls as long as they do not use it as an opportunity to control and direct the ball. This applies to both boys and girls.

A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above is committed in the penalty box by the defending team. It does not matter where the ball is at the time of the foul.