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[ 10.30.2017 - 1:00PM ]  
Spring Registration Now Open!

Spring recreation soccer registration is now open.  Just click here.

[ 10.05.2017 - 3:33PM ]  

  New Referee Introductory Course begins February 20th in Dublin!
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For The Best Taste Of Mexico
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[ 9.13.2017 - 3:32PM ]  

For DSL Team Items – click here      For DSX Team Items – click here
Items will be shipped directly to you within 3 weeks of ordering

[ 3.29.2016 - 2:02PM ]  
Heading the Ball Prohibited Under-12 in DSL

Intentional, deliberate, heading the ball during games or practices by players in U-12 recreation programs and younger is prohibited by the DSL, in accordance with US Soccer/US Youth Soccer recommendations and/or requirements.
During DSL games, an intentional or deliberate header will be treated as a dangerous play foul. Referees will award an IFK (Indirect Free Kick) to the opposing team of a player committing the foul. If the referee determines that players from both teams equally created the foul, a drop ball will be performed.
Your safety is our #1 concern
Goal safety: Please remind your soccer player that they should NEVER climb on or hang from the goals.