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[ 4.01.2020 - 2:13PM ]  
Spring Season Update

SPRING SEASON UPDATE: U4-U12 DSL rec games will begin Saturday, May 16th. Practices may begin two weeks prior based on the situation as of May 1st . MSSA and HSSA season details will be forthcoming. DSX games and practices suspended until May 1st in keeping with Ohio South recommendations. Additional, appropriate measures may be necessary as evolving circumstances dictate. We’ll keep you informed.

[ 4.01.2020 - 11:05AM ]  
Parks Closed to Organized Use of Sports Fields Until May 1st

[ 3.20.2020 - 12:07PM ]  
DSL Office Closed till further notice

Except by appointment. All uniform pickup for new spring players suspended till further notice.

[ 11.01.2019 - 4:22PM ]  
Click below to register online for DSL/Challenger soccer summer camp at Avery Park! Two weeks to choose from.

Mini kickers camp for U4s & U5s, half-day & full-day camp for U6 up

Week 1 – June 22-26 …………….…………… Week 2 – July 20-24

[ 3.29.2016 - 2:02PM ]  
Heading the Ball Prohibited Under-12 in DSL

Intentional, deliberate, heading the ball during games or practices by players in U-12 recreation programs and younger is prohibited by the DSL, in accordance with US Soccer/US Youth Soccer recommendations and/or requirements.
During DSL games, an intentional or deliberate header will be treated as a dangerous play foul. Referees will award an IFK (Indirect Free Kick) to the opposing team of a player committing the foul. If the referee determines that players from both teams equally created the foul, a drop ball will be performed.
Your safety is our #1 concern
Goal safety: Please remind your soccer player that they should NEVER climb on or hang from the goals.