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[ 4.19.2019 - 12:57PM ]  
DSL Rec Games Saturday, April 20th, are Cancelled

Make-up Day for Rec Games is Sunday, May 19th

[ 4.11.2019 - 1:26PM ]  
See slide above for Recreation Open Training

[ 3.28.2019 - 3:30PM ]  
Coyote Activity Observed at Darree Fields

Orange restraint fencing has been placed along the northern boundary of Darree Fields Park along fields five and six including the area beneath the power lines to indicate where Coyotes have recently been observed.
Dog walkers are advised to avoid Darree Fields Park until further notice, as coyotes have been spotted in the area and have even approached dogs. Signs are being posted to this effect, and the area where coyotes have been observed to be denning. Nando’s Dog Park in Darree Fields is a great alternative during this time. 

For more tips on what to do if you encounter a coyote, visit:

[ 3.06.2019 - 3:52PM ]  
Registration for spring is now closed

Registration for fall 2019 – spring 2020 begins May 1st

[ 12.20.2018 - 10:10AM ]  
DSL offers Challenger camp weeks