Coaches Overview

DSL is looking for Spring 2024 coaches.  We would love to have your talents on our coaching staff! If you are interested, please register at the top right of this page.

There are four risk requirements to coach soccer in the Dublin Soccer League, a member of the Ohio Soccer Association (OSA). All are either State of Ohio or Federal requirements. OSA refers to them as the Four Pillars of Safe Soccer:

  1. Background Check (State of Ohio, U.S. Soccer, USYS/valid for 2 years from date of completion)
  2. SafeSport (Federal/Course series with an annual refresher course)
  3. Concussion Training (State of Ohio/valid for 3 years from date of completion)
  4. Lindsay’s Law (State of Ohio/renewed annually)

Player’s Health is the OSA platform that houses all the risk requirements a coach must complete. This is linked with Demosphere, our online registration system, so that when a coach finishes all the risk requirements, their risk status updates to “Cleared”.

Video Guides // Part I: Getting Started  |  Part II: Background Check  |  Part III: Concussion & Lindsay’s Law Trainings  |  Part IV: SafeSport

In order for coaches to utilize the following steps, they MUST

  • Register as a volunteer Coach in the DSL/Demosphere system
  • Have been “approved” by DSL in the Demosphere system

Be sure you are using the email that you used to create your Demosphere Account when you registered. If you need to confirm your email please contact

NOTE: Please use the web browsers Chrome or Firefox to complete risk.

STEP 1: You will receive an Email from Player’s Health OR Click Here

STEP 2: Sign in with Demosphere

STEP 3: Authorize Player’s Health

STEP 4: DSL Coaches can Skip Photo

STEP 5: Sign Waivers

STEP 6: Complete Background Check (email DSL for Code to bring cost to $0—DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD)

STEP 7: Complete Concussion Training AND Upload Certificate, Lindsay’s Law Trainings

STEP 8: SafeSport

STEP 9: Finish

STEP 10: (Competitive Only) Add Coach Photo in Demosphere




All DSL coaches of record are required to complete a FREE online Background Check every two years through our governing organization, Ohio Soccer Association (OSA). This is a safety precaution for your child and all DSL participants, and is required by both the City of Dublin and US Youth Soccer. Please contact the DSL office for a code to bring the cost of the background check to $0—do not use your credit card.

Background Check Video Guide


Beginning fall 2019, all adults with any contact with youth participants must become SafeSport certified. SafeSport, a US Government program of courses about sexual misconduct and mandatory reporting requirements requires coaches, team admins, board members and referees to take this course.

SafeSport Video Guide

Concussion Training

The State of Ohio’s Return to Play law imposes training, safety, and awareness requirements on all youth sports organizations and its coaches and referees. All coaches are required to complete an online training course every three years and provide evidence that they have successfully completed the course.

Concussion Video Guide

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Lindsay’s Law

Lindsay’s Law is about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth athletes. This law went into effect in Ohio in 2017. SCA is the leading cause of death in student athletes 19 years of age or younger. SCA occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. This cuts off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. SCA is fatal if not treated immediately. “Youth” covered under Lindsay’s Law are all athletes 19 years of age or younger that wish to practice for or compete in athletic activities organized by a school or youth sports organizations. Coaches have specific responsibilities under Lindsay’s Law including the annual completion of the required SCA training course approved by the Ohio Department of Health.

 Lindsay’s Law Video Guide