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2018 Schedules, Fields & Scores

 Updated: 9:34pm, 9/4/2018
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2018-Scanned Score Sheets (click links below)

U09 Boys                       U10 Boys

U10 Girls Green                       U10 Girls White

 U11 Boys Green                U11 Boys White                      U11 Girls

      U12 Boys                          U12 Girls

      U13 Boys                          U13 Girls

      U14/15 Boys                     U14/15 Girls

Darree Fields Park tournament field layout

The Dublin Charity Cup thanks all participants for their patience during today’s tumultuous afternoon storms that dumped a significant amount of rain along with intermittent thunder and lightning, the last of which was recorded after 6:00pm.
This created dangerous playing conditions that prompted early termination and cancellations of games for safety reasons. US Soccer rules prohibit playing more than two games per day and our city permit does not include use of the fields on Monday. We hope for more favorable weather on Sunday and for Sunday’s schedule to remain as planned.
The tournament committee has determined:
• Games originally scheduled for 4:45pm on Saturday were all canceled. They will be scored as a “3-3” tie with each team awarded one point.
• For games originally scheduled for 3:30pm;
– any game will be considered complete if the first half concluded and the achieved score will be the score of record
– For any 3:30 game where the first half was not completed, the game will be considered incomplete and scored as a “3-3” tie and each team awarded one point.
Thank you again for your patience and cooperation in making a difficult situation work. Looking forward to a pleasant and enjoyable Sunday.