DSL Staff / Board


Patrice Kelley, Executive Director
John Muir, Scheduling/Assignor
Nancy Fuller, Accounting/Concessions
Sarah Hartley, Registration
Dominique Hoecherl, Coach Liaison
Mohamood (Mo) Razack, Director of Coaching

Nancy Fuller, Heather Madden, John Muir, Patrice Kelley, Dominique Hoecherl

  Mohamood (Mo) Razack, Director of Coaching   

  Dominique (Dom) Hoecherl, Coach Liaison

Current Board Members

Heather Madden, Chair
Marcus Bryan, Vice-Chair
Sowjanya Valluri, Treasurer
Doreena Bebee, Public Relations
Greg Jones, Marketing
Chuck Murlin
Art Vonderwell
Steve Schwinghammer
Patrice Kelley, Executive Director and Secretary
Matt Earman, Ex-Officio Advisor, City of Dublin

Board Meetings

Meetings are usually held at the DSL Office.  Contact the office for details.