NEWS FLASH! All Games Are On For Saturday, April 10th!


Spring 2021 season dates are April 3rd through May 22nd

MSSA season begins April 7th ·  HSSA  starts April 11th

To see and/or print a copy of a team schedule, click on boys or girls in age groups below.
Saturday, May 22nd

Spring 2021 Rec Tournament

Tournament Rules     

U9/10 Girls     

U10 Boys     

U11/12 Girls     

U11/12 Boys



Inclement Weather

Soccer is played in almost all weather conditions. Cancellations usually result from thunder or lightning in the vicinity or dangerously heavy rainstorms. Games are generally not rescheduled due to our relatively short playing season and the large number of scheduled games. No portion of registration fees is refundable as a result of inclement weather.  (See Severe Weather Policy)

On Saturday mornings, DSL officials monitor the weather continuously to determine the need to cancel games. (At all other times, referees have this responsibility.) In the event of cancellations, DSL officials will attempt to notify coaches and participants in a timely manner using various methods including posts to our website and, if appropriate, changing our voicemail message; however, the phone system has limited capacity for incoming calls. At the fields, referees may be informed directly or by sounding an air-powered horn to suspend play and clear the area.

When in doubt as to whether a game is on or not – SHOW UP. Do not assume that because earlier games were canceled, your game will be.

But safety is still priority one. While league officials may suspend or cancel games, in any situation: Do not hesitate to remove your child from any weather condition you feel is unsafe or inappropriate. You will not be penalized for any actions you deem necessary.