Guidelines for Parents

Dublin Soccer League’s primary purpose is to provide a positive soccer experience for players.
  Your help is needed for this tremendously!

Ideas to make your family's experience most enjoyable:

Parents interaction with players, coaches, referees and other parents must be a positive one.  Unacceptable behavior of parents is not permitted within our organization.  Please understand that your behavior is crucial to your player’s soccer experience and our goal is to help players find the love of the game.

Here’s how you can make this season memorable and positive for your family!

  • Commit to transporting your child to and from practices and games on time.  Arriving early to games is always a good idea to account for traffic in the parking lot!
  • Notify the DSL office of change in status (decided not to play, change of address, email or phone, age or school correction).
  • Dress your child appropriately for games and practices:
    1. Shin guards are required at all times, covered completely by soccer socks.
    2. No jewelry, i.e. earrings, watches, necklaces, or rings. Subject to referee discretion.
    3. Shoes (soccer or tennis-type) without sharp toe cleats (baseball shoes are usually not acceptable).
    4. In cold weather, wear warm clothing UNDER the team jersey (including hoods) with a coat available when sitting out a period. Knit caps are allowed; hard brimmed hats are not.
    5. Long pants are not acceptable except when very cold (under 50°). They are cumbersome and prevent the referee from judging plays by sock color.
    6. Bring a soccer ball. Size 3 for U4, U5, U6 and U7s; size 4 for U8s through U12; size 5 for U13s and up.

While at the game:

  1. Watch from the side of the field OPPOSITE the team, away from the goal area, and at least one yard behind the touch (side) line.
  2. Do not stand behind the goal line or goalie.
  3. Do not enter the field of play without the referee’s permission.
  4. Never argue with a referee, especially a youth referee.
  5. Shout only positive comments and encouragement. No noisemakers.
  6. Pick up your trash as you leave.
  7. Leave your pets at home.
  8. Park only in designated areas. No RVs.
  9. Refrain from smoking at the field.

If in the opinion of the referee, a spectator is deemed to be unruly, the referee is empowered to demand they leave the area of the field before the game resumes.

The referee uses yellow and red cards to indicate a caution (warning) or send-off (ejection) to players or coaches for specific offenses. Red cards include a minimum one game suspension from playing or coaching.