DSL Programs Overview

Dublin Soccer League offers programs for kids of all ages and abilities with recreational and club level offerings. Below is an overview of our programs and you can find specific information about each program via the links in this section.

Program overview

  • Birth date determines placement; a child may not play down an age group.
  • Recreational programs are offered starting from U4 through U19. The “U” stands for under that particular age, using the calendar year to determine age groups as recognized by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  (See Age Group Chart)
  • U4 and U5 Timbits are co-ed programs and meet just on Saturdays. U4 Timbits takes place at a set time each Saturday.
  • U6-U12 are single-gender teams with one weekday practice and one Saturday game each week in-season.  U11 and U12 are grouped together in a combined U11/12 program.
  • Players who are U12 and in middle school may choose either MSSA or the U11/12 program.
  • MSSA (Middle School Soccer Association) is for U12 – U15 players that are in middle school. Boys and girls single gender teams combine players in grades 6 – 8.
  • HSSA (High School Soccer Association) is a co-ed program for U15 – U19 in high school (grades 9 – 12) and plays on Sunday afternoons only.
  • DSX—Dublin Soccer Excel is a competitive soccer program for U8 – U16 boys and U8-U15 girls. Players are selected for teams based on evaluations that take place in late May/early June. Commitment is for both fall and spring seasons. Teams are coached by licensed parent coaches.


General Info

  • The DSL forms teams by grouping your child with others, primarily by age group and gender. Factors such as available coaches, geographic locale, etc., may have a bearing on team placement.
  • Most games are scheduled on nine Saturdays of late August, September and October during the fall and seven to eight  weekends of April and May preceding Memorial Day weekend during the spring. The coach determines practice days and times. The DSL office does not maintain practice information.
  • Coaches customarily contact their players two to three weeks prior to the start of the season. Uniforms (used for fall and spring seasons) are generally distributed by coaches at a practice.
  • The DSL requires that coaches ensure that each player receive 50% playing time for each game attended (except where an injury has occurred), significant experience at all positions, and equal opportunities to start games for each player.
  • Registering your child for both fall and spring sessions at the same time will ensure they remain on the same team for a seasonal year and avoid the problem of forgetting to re-register.
  • The DSL is primarily a volunteer organization; its greatest asset is the many volunteer coaches who donate their time and talent to the league.

DSL Refund Policy

No refund unless DSL is unable to place your child on a team. Your submission of an online registration signifies your intention for your child to play in DSL on the team to which he/she is assigned.

In the event of season cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, there is no guarantee of a refund. If the season is cancelled before games begin or before the season can be completed, refunds will be made available to all parents requesting them. The amount of refund will be determined by subtracting the costs, obligations and processing fees associated with organizing the season. A full refund would not be available due to these costs.


Inclement Weather

Soccer is played in almost all weather conditions. Cancellations usually result from thunder or lightning in the vicinity or dangerously heavy rainstorms. Games are generally not rescheduled due to our relatively short playing season and the large number of scheduled games. No portion of registration fees is refundable as a result of inclement weather.  (See Severe Weather Policy)

On Saturday mornings, DSL officials monitor the weather continuously to determine the need to cancel games. (At all other times, referees have this responsibility.) In the event of cancellations, DSL officials will attempt to notify coaches and participants in a timely manner using various methods including posts to our website and, if appropriate, changing our voicemail message; however, the phone system has limited capacity for incoming calls. At the fields, referees may be informed directly or by sounding an air-powered horn to suspend play and clear the area.

When in doubt as to whether a game is on or not – SHOW UP. Do not assume that because earlier games were canceled, your game will be.

But safety is still priority one. While league officials may suspend or cancel games, in any situation: Do not hesitate to remove your child from any weather condition you feel is unsafe or inappropriate. You will not be penalized for any actions you deem necessary.

Non-resident program fee

Applicable to all programs

The City of Dublin has instituted a non-resident fee applicable to any participant residing outside the City of Dublin or Dublin City School District boundaries.  Players living outside of Dublin but attending a Dublin private school are considered residents.  Each non-resident participant will be assessed a $150 fee per season by the City of Dublin.   The City processes registrant addresses through a GIS database to verify compliance. Do not rely on your mailing address to determine residency. Any payments made to DSL may be used to meet the city’s requirement.

Dublin City Residency Checker  (Click Here) will help determine residency status.  Type Road as “Rd”, Street as “St”, etc.  Email registration@dublinsoccer.net for clarification.

The Program Handbook (Click Here) outlines the policies and procedures used within the Dublin Soccer League.

The Parent’s Welcome Brochure (Click Here) provides additional useful information.