The 2021 Dublin Charity Cup | September 4th & 5th, 2021
Benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio


  1. Does the tournament require a separate notarized medical authorization form or separate liability release?  The tournament requires the “Combined Liability/Medical Release Form” be signed by parent/guardians of participants regardless of the governing organization for which they play. This form can also be used for guest players, as well.  No notarization is required.  Parent/Guardians of participants of teams not affiliated with Ohio Soccer Association (formerly Ohio South) must also sign the OSA Infectious Disease Waiver
  2. Why are U-14 teams entered as U-14/15 teams?  U-14 teams are officially entered in a U-14/15 division to accommodate “trapped” or “orphaned” eighth graders. However, if the numbers of teams permit, teams may be split into separate U-14 and U-15 divisions.  Our experience indicates only a few players actually fall within the U-15 age group.
  3. Does the Charity Cup utilize build-out lines for U-8, U-9 & U-10s?  The Charity Cup follows USYSA and local recommendations in use of build-out lines and small sided game rules for U8, U9 and U10 games.  The Dublin Charity Cup plans to use a two-man (two whistle) system of control for U10s, and a one or two-man system for U8 and U9s, as approved by Ohio Soccer.
  4. Is Darree Fields the same as Soccer First at SportsOhio?  No.  Darree Fields Park is part the City of Dublin Parks and Recreation system.  The entrance to the park is at the intersection of Cosgray Road and Shier-Rings Road via a roundabout.  The address is 6259 Cosgray Road, Dublin, 43016.
  5. Does all the money go to Big Brothers Big Sisters?  Yes, after buying trophies,  paying the referees, etc., all proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio.  In 2019, over $30,000 was donated. All committee members are volunteers.
  6. The rules state that pets are not permitted. Why?  At any given time there may be over 2000 people wandering Darree Fields Park.  For the protection of the players and spectators, as well as your pet, we ask that you keep them at home.
  7. Will my team need a travel permit?  All US Youth Soccer teams traveling from outside Ohio are required to obtain a travel permit, in advance. The originating state association (not Ohio Soccer) must approve the travel permit.  The permit is to be included with team check-in materials. US Club teams do not need a permit.
  8. What other information will I find helpful?  A soccer tournament takes a great deal of coordination.  The tournament committee is at maximum demand from Thursday, September 2nd, through nightfall on Sunday, September 5th.  If you want to send a fax or speak with an official, contact them by Thursday. Otherwise, the chances of reaching them prior to the start of the tournament becomes slim.