Timbits (U4 & U5)


Timbits Juniors (U4 Intro to Soccer):  $95 full year ($70 one season)

Timbits (U5 Intro to Soccer):  $95 full year ($70 one season) 

These coed programs meet just on Saturdays, part play — part instructional to introduce the game of soccer.  Coaches are provided with curriculum materials.

U4 Timbits takes place at a set time each Saturday. Sessions are comprised of drills and games and end with an inter-team scrimmage.

U5 Timbits teams will have a game schedule as do older age groups, but will still begin on the quarter past the hour.The U5 game day will be comprised of a 15-minute practice/skills session, followed by 3v3 play versus another U5 Timbits group.

                U4 Age Group Rules                                      U5 Age Group Rules
            Timbits Dribbling Games                                   Age Group Chart